CULT OF THE DEAD COW Statement on Jacob Appelbaum / ioerror

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CULT OF THE DEAD COW Statement on Jacob Appelbaum / ioerror

Like much of the hacker community, we were troubled to hear the allegations of sexual abuse, manipulation, and bullying leveled against one of our members, Jacob Appelbaum, A.K.A. ioerror. We’re also aware that the Tor Project is conducting an internal investigation, and encourage anyone with relevant testimony to come forward. For some, it won’t be easy. There can be shaming or humiliation, or the fear of not being believed.

It is also our responsibility to create an environment where people feel safe to come forward. We have always stood for freedom of speech and expression, which sometimes necessitates the right to anonymity. This is something that victims of abuse often require. We stand by their right to be anonymous. Others, like our friend Nick Farr, who decided to go public with his own difficulties, deserve our respect and support. Everyone will do this in their own way.

We know that it may be scary, but we also encourage victims to contact their appropriate local authorities. We understand the complicated relationship we all have with law enforcement, but there is a time and place for government intervention. If the most extreme of these allegations are true, they should be addressed in a court of law, and dealt with appropriately.

CULT OF THE DEAD COW is known for a lot of things, but treating people horribly is not one of them. If communities are to thrive and remain relevant we have to do some housecleaning from time to time. As we have become aware of the anonymous accusations of sexual assault, as well as the stories told by individuals we know and trust, we’ve decided to remove Jake from the herd effective immediately.


Embrace the strange: support indy artist Victor Cayro this Sept. 10 in San Francisco

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Incredibly nice guy and friend of the herd (and co-founder of the mysterious DSSK collective) Victor Cayro will have an art show in San Francisco on September 10th.  If you're in the area, please support independent art that stretches the boundaries of mirth and taste.  Are you RICH?  Pay the man and decorate your walls, he quit his day job to pursue his art.  You wish you could do the same, don't you?

Victor Cayro in SF


Visit for a small sampling of his work in wearable form.

Friends of the Herd Doing Awesome Things: Carmageddon Part 1

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Badass and scary as fuck at the same time.  Good job!

Monday Morning Schadenfreude Jr.

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Prepare the Schadenfreude Cannons!  Couldn'ta happened to a nicer bunch of guys.  Harf!

Think they've got a dental plan?

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Y'know... aside from "Help us if you want to keep your teeth."


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