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America, celebrate the fact that you can still be this guy!


Independence day?

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The Cultees celebrate each 4th of July with long-time-no-see hugs, piles of hot dogs, mountains of unbagged Cheetos, and watering troughs filled with Mountain Dew Code Red.

Delchi: "A 4th of july wish : We wish the best to the soldiers of the Cow on NSF island who are on duty every day & every way - Ninja Strike Force : they are the mighty and the chosen. Also a shout out to the crew of the USS Lubbock ( SSN-666 ) on duty off the coast of REDACTED ."

Obscure Images sez: "As we get together this weekend to celebrate the day where we all get to blow shit up, I suggest that we all take a moment to reflect on our country. Think of all the great things we were, the great gains we have made, the things that we have lost, and what we can do to take them back. Ok, now that we've all done that, lets get back to blowing shit up. Keep your fingers attached to your hands!"

DSE offers a silent nod of approval.

Later there will be hide and seek, the 3-legged race, the annual egg toss, and of course a rousing game of Russian tag. Here, have some free music. http://youtu.be/HnlXskrDcUE It's a holiday! *mwah*

Output 5: Hidden Brain

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"A symbiosis between non-narrative cinema and improvised digital music. Contemplation of the balance between variation and repetition, our search for continuance in the middle of all-encompassing changeability. Electronic music improvisation: Ian Wittevrongel, Joey Daemen and Tomas Beaujean. Movie compositing: Harry De Neve. As seen at the RELICS art festival in Belgium on the 27th of October 2012."


Big thanks to our own Tomas Beaujean for sharing this hypnotic gem!  Dim the lights and turn up the volume.  You won't be disappointed.

Doing something interesting this summer?  Do share.

cDc Summer 2013 Music Roundup! Yeehaw!

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Summer is finally here!  It's 90 degrees fahrenheit at 10am. Your dog is looking at you funny. You're out of ice.  You're sitting in front of a shitty oscillating fan from 1982, surrounded by empty Monster Energy drink cans and Cheetos bags and you're bored out of your damned skull.   As the trees wither to ash and the grass turns black from the pounding scorn of the angry sun, why not celebrate the death of your last few brain cells with some fresh sounds?  Prepare your eardrums with a screwdriver, turn up the volume, and listen to cDc.  *The new definition of summer magic*


xxxclusive / Renick Bell:

Original compositions, live improvisation

Files > http://www.renickbell.net/doku.php?id=music

Recent performances:

audio > Renick Bell, live coding at ACM 9th C&C, June 19, 2013


Live Coding at MUME 2013, June 15, 2013


video > Live at Linux Audio Conference in 2013 on Saturday, May 11 in Graz, Austria      



Dildog / Christen Rioux:     

Original compositions, mashups, and remixes from 1993 to the present

audio > https://soundcloud.com/noctemproject

"The Noctem Project is dark and expressive electronic music with a hoppy and invigorating New Age aftertaste."

and previously > http://w3.cultdeadcow.com/cms/2008/01/new-cdc-song--.html 



Original compositions

audio > $lave$tate - Occupied Third Eye EP

and previously > http://w3.cultdeadcow.com/cms/2008/07/an-epic-unleash.html


Punkle Jones

Original composition

audio > Hey! Guess What? I'm Gonna Put It In Your Butt!

more available at > https://soundcloud.com/punkle-jones


cDc loves you.

Sorry we haven't called.

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Hey! Long time no see! Don't worry, the Cow abounds.
We've been busy:

- pulling strings

- grinning maniacally

- manipulating reality

- dancing on the ceiling

- helping the elderly cross the street

- accumulating orgone

- popping some tags

- travelling the byways of America in a converted school bus painted every color of the rainbow and enlighting the curious one delicious mind at a time

- ushering in the Age of Aquarius

- partying like it's 1999

- watching all the episodes of Space:1999 back to back

- performing the ancient rites in accordance with the instructions of the prophet Charles Nelson Reilly

- getting our hands dirty

- working up an appetite

- living on a prayer

- skating on thin ice

- shaking our groove thing (yeah yeah)

We love you. YOU. Truly, don't ever forget it.

And watch this space, okay? Things are happening, and sooner or later someone will post about it. Check back soon. Since you're here NOW, and you're waiting, here are some playful kittens!



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