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Too Old For "The Elephant Walk", Today's Illuminati Turns To Baal Worship.

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Dark Sorcerer sez:
Does anyone else out there find that it is more than a little disquieting that our ruling class meets once a year and prays to a large statue that looks suspiciously like Baal?

For the 99% of the population who no longer have any sort of common reference point to Judeo-Christian history, here's a recap of I Kings 18: King Ahab takes a foreign wife, Jezebel (no doubt a hotty Erin Gray lookalike of nebulous "-ite" suffixed ethnic nomenclature - see below pic).

Ahab turns back on God due to Jezebel's influence, Elijah and God get pissed, Elijah challenges Jezebel's 450 Prophets of Baal to showdown, Prophets of Baal summarily destroyed a manner akin to the opening of the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark. This was all rendered in a very graphic, pre-PC era manner in the Picture Bible my parents got me in first grade - real sinners-in-the-hands-of-an-angry-god sort of annihilation. The story of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal is my favorite Bible story.

Thought for the day:
Charlize Theron as My High Priestess, Somewhere.

BUT - evidently the god of choice for overgrown-frat-boy rituals is NOT Baal, but rather "Molech." Who is Molech? He is little more than a different name for Baal according to the author of the previous link, but this is not certain - according to this author, "Molech is a bit of an enigma." And at any rate, I doubt this subject is exactly of burning interest to the average BoGrover, who has been anxiously rehearsing show tunes all year in anticipation of the Big Party.

It ain't no Golden Calf, just an excuse to run around naked in Muir Woods

But, this starts to get creepier and creepier. How 'bout dem wacky faux lynchings at this retro-BoGro par-tay? Evidently there wasn't enough of the real thing going on during this time for these party kids:

If Gary Coleman would just relocate to the Bay Area he could get a cush yearly gig as the Black Midget. Degenerates jes' LOVE midgets!

Pre-"Webster", ya had to pay the bills somehow

But all of this is really just a sideshow to the Big Attraction, which consists of a band of robed CEO's praying to a giant Owl Statue Thing &/or engaging in General Occult Nonsense (recent and Retro Shot follows):

Does any of this mean anything?

Unfortunately for you, me, and everyone else, it means quite a bit. I would doubt very much if any of the practitioners of these rituals look at it as anything other than "harmless fun." But to toy with these sort of dark forces is to play with something that the invokers have little or no control over.

There is a reason why the real Rulers of the World engage in ancient pagan rituals. This little paragraph from my buddy Sgt. Skull sums it up nicely:

That old-time religion is as dead as fried chicken. At the top it's all Gaia neo-pagans and Satanists dancing to huge hooty owl statues. Down at the bottom, the peasants are still allowed the illusion of religion, as long as they kowtow to phoney baloney sellouts like 33rd degree mason Billy Graham, and all the other shills with their snouts in the Rev. Moon's CIA swill trough. Case in point: Check out what the biggies have in their UN headquarters paid for by the serfs. But don't worry, it's only a 'Meditation' room.

Those who would ignore the true significance of these actions are those who have not yet grasped that there is a subterranean element that operates in world. These Woodsy Owl Worship Sessions may be thought of as necromancy: the "necromancers" in these groups have undergone an advanced stage of degeneration and have, as it were, outlived themselves; the part of the necromancer is played by the dark forces that impart power to these degenerate Mammonites. Any latent "psychic residues" may be invoked even by an unbelieving and unwitting practitioner.

"Or maybe not." But are you ready to bet your life on it? Because these men, who embrace a completely different set of values than anything found at a PTA meeting, are the same fellas who have their finger on the bomb.


heh.. my dad just got back from a trip to cuba with those guys... he said they seemed nice enough

Nice theory, but I don't buy it. If there is an "Illuminati", it's more likely to be fighting against the Powers That Be. Remember which side they evidently took in the American revolution, after all. :)

A friend told me of your site.
He said that I will find just the information here I was looking for.
That was definitely right. Good work.

Religion is dying on these days, those child abusers that call themselves priest are dooming the church and the world.

You may remenber the four proverbs:
Old sin makes new shame.
Once a man and twice a child.
Once a thief, always a thief.
Once bitten, twice shy.

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