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Zombiegrinder 60000

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Myles Long sez:
Fine, so I'm not the only one posting about this, but I don't care. This is amazing.

Zombiegrinder 60000 is the best flash game ever. You're a fat dude with a shotgun killin' zombies. The soundtrack is by great grind bands like Vice, Regurgitate, Inhume, and Last Days of Humanity. What's not to love?

Oh, and here's the full screen version.

fastjack writes:

"This makes me a little bit hard."

Go on, try to play it without getting at least a semi (if you're male, duh).


Nice one.

Thanks, Devolish.

fastjack just wrote more about that game: "Hey, I turned down naked girlfriend in a towel for 5 more minutes of the game.

I need meds."


The music is funny.. "Satanic legion of undead hookers - Brutal Anal Sex with a board wrapped in barbwire"

"Torturous Flaming Death - Flesh eating junkie nuns from hell"

I'm going to start a death metal band!

Some time ago, just before the Painkiller game was released I was making the flash game on the www.peoplecanfly.com/old, you can access it by entering the weapons site (pull down the left menu), minimalize the weapons and click the outline of the second grave from the left.

Have fun :)

9 min 3 sec, aprntly thats good?

Carnage on the run = sweeeeeeet

Wow.. Devolish.. so is that the same company that made Painkiller? That game is sick.. how'd you get involved in that?

No, it`s not the same company. We`re just making internet sites, but the author of the game, who actually is a polish guy named Chmielarz asked us to make the most sick site we could think of, so there it is...
The book which is used as a background of the site is an old catechism :)

i hat 191942 points and had 13min and 11sec alive

(i came from gameny my english is not god!!!)

I played for 27 minutes something: "Shit. That's impressive," apparently. Gets a bit repetitive and I'm not a big death metal fan any more, but I did get a tingling in the balls. Has anyone beaten the game?

I was not aware you can beat the game, I thought it just went on and on (actually I did just die at 19 min 49 seconds, maybe they ran out of code?. My personal best is "19 minutes and 49 seconds. Shit. Thats Impressive."

Does anyone else recgonize the DOWN riff on Regurgitate's 666 Casulities? I think its "Pray for Locust". But it feels like something else. I am a death metal fan.

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