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cDc launches global campaign against Google

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Krass Katt sez:
The cDc hereby commands that you print up t-shirts with this graphic and wear them with pride. Join our global campaign against Google's appeasement policy with China.

(concept by Oxblood Ruffin)

Do it now or suffer.

Never underestimate the power of DIY t-shirts.

Edit: Check this out.

Edit #2, 8:48am CST 02/13/06:

For all you whiny little bitches, here's a higher-res version, thanks to mutz. Gilemon also did an excellent version, seen here:

Click it.

So quit yer bitchin' and get to printing up the shirts. Don't forget to give any proceeds to Human Rights in China.


Simply wonderful. Google most certainly deserves a kick in the ass.

What we need to do is do not use google for a day (hard isnt it :) It will hit theyre ad revenue

Bah, Google is just fighting the system from the inside. You guys are just to dumb to understand this...

Why do not you get Cafe Press to make them for you?

Maybe they will get cheap labor from China to make them for you.


Bah, google also struck down the DoJ...you were all praising them then...why are you so quick to reverse your judgement?
At least google china informs users the results are censored, which is a lot better than just not showing them. Actually, China's firewall will block the URL anyways, so if they click an link that isn't censored, it'll get blocked anyways, giving the same effect as just hiding it and saying you had to hide it, execpt that the way google is currently doing it makes it a lot easier for people who are actually trying to find something - they don't keep getting 404s or whatever.
Also, how is google supposed to fight it from the outside? It's a lot easier to take over from the inside than out.

Bah, google also struck down the DoJ...you were all praising them then...why are you so quick to reverse your judgement?

At least google china informs users the results are censored, which is a lot better than just not showing them. Actually, China's firewall will block the URL anyways, so if they click an link that isn't censored, it'll get blocked anyways, giving the same effect as just hiding it and saying you had to hide it, execpt that the way google is currently doing it makes it a lot easier for people who are actually trying to find something - they don't keep getting 404s or whatever.

Also, how is google supposed to fight it from the outside? It's a lot easier to take over from the inside than out.

Fox, don't be a retard. There are signed contracts that must be followed.

The only way to get China to loosen up are world wide sanctions against the country, and now would be the perfect time as they're growing financially. But China doesn't grow alone, the West needs its products dirty-done-cheap by "1$ per hour employees" (if now that's the real figure, which I doubt) in order to make a greater profit. With China as the host for the 2008 summer Olympics, those sanctions are very, very far away. People have lost their homes because of the Olympic preparations.

"In the middle of the night, while they were sleeping, people came in and broke up the courtyard wall. There were lots of people living there together in this building, they had a shop, it was really dangerous, there were still people living there." -Zhang, friend of a forcibly evicted Beijing family

..and I haven't seen the 2008 Olympics being cancelled yet, have you?

need this in vector-format?
made it up quick... we need a google-font

I'm the Westerner and I'm here to save you. I've been watching from over there and I know what's right and wrong better than you. Put down those beads, I'm shutting down this factory. Mardis gras will cost a lot more this year, but the world is a better place. Sure you're unemployed, but when you grow up, you'll thank me for what I've done for you.

How about this....

Yah, right, like there will be a Mardis gras this year.

By the way, could you make the beads bigger and shinier. While you are at it, please hide a "secret" message in them. You could call them fortune beads!

I can't believe US companies aren't ashamed to censor searches on the word "democracy".

For shame.

Land of the free or land of the greedy.

Last I heard, China is a Communist nation. Things work differently over there. Who the fuck are you to ragg Google for complying with Chinese Law. If they didn't censor stuff then the Chinese would not be able to use Google at all. Be glad they can. You ethnocentric bastards piss me off by thinking any system or idea that isn't American is unacceptable. I have an idea: KrassHole Katt. How do you like that. You too Oxbitch Ruffin... China is Communist and without an act of God, it is not changing. Deal with it.

If you want people to print up T-shirts, spend more than 15 minutes on the design. It's aliased and looks like shit. On a T-shirt it would look worse. Your sentiment is appreciated but your graphic design abilities leave much to be desired.

Anyway Chinez don't use Google.
And Google didn't want to end up like Microsoft, who now needs to give computer for free to Indians...
But I like the concept It could apply to us.
SO here is the very HighRes version of your logo:
Google font is Catull.

Without an act of God, it is not changing?

Wolf, right now as we speak, walls are being teared down with the help of organized chinese groups, and God is not even present.

And for all of you that don't like Oxblood's -g00Lag-, well, no one forced you to like it.

So why don't you guys make bitchy snarky logo's of all the companies that are basically doing the same thing Google is? Seems to me like this is just some whiny protest that is overly focused on one company who would get penalized for not maximizing shareholder profits if they didn't expand in China. Also, Google.cn is mostly used by higher education instititues, and those who have a higher education. The other main search engine the Chinese use is Baidu, but even then Google does have a share in them.

When China banned Google in 2002, Chinese researches and many others of those high-end jobs were very vocal about having the service returned to them.

So while yes your intentions are good, it seems narrowsighted to protest Google. And the protest takes away from the real issue of gaining democracy in China. If you want to help, it would seem that your services would be better employed at finding ways around censorship. This "protest" is just so reactive. If the 2008 Olympics aren't leaving, why should Google?

Ok, products up at CafePress.com: http://www.cafepress.com/jpine/1201916

"If you want to help, it would seem that your services would be better employed at finding ways around censorship."

Yea, he's got a point...join the peacefire.org projects, or help out with hacktivismo's stuff...You think China is gonna suddenly change their laws because Google decided to leave? Not likely.

1)Google Isn't Communist.
2)As much as I love some of the stuff Google does, I'm amazed that they stoop to doing things such as this.
3)Never underestimate the power of do it yourself t-shirts.

1)China Isn't Communist.
2)As much as I love some of the stuff Google does, I'm amazed that they stoop to doing things such as this.
3)Never underestimate the power of do it yourself t-shirts.

Arochone: good point about Hacktivismo. As you likely know, Hacktivismo is an offshoot of cDc, it's under our umbrella, as it were. We are well aware of what's going on there.

Parody and DIY tees are where it's at.

Why are you putting all the blame on Google. At least they aren't throwing people in jail like Yahoo. But no, Yahoo isn't as big or popular as the almighty Google. I bet you hate Microsoft and praise Apple too. While you're at it, go on and diss GM while making Kia look good.

I'm loving the Google.

Censor away, China deserves to love the Google too. It is a totally different form of government there. It would be silly for Google not to confine to their way of life in order for them to use a product. It's either censored and implemented, or not censored and non-existant. It just seems stupid.

I'm all about free speech and that, but I'm also about understanding other people's way of life, and just because something is different than what I am used to, doesn't deem it worthy to be tossed on a t-shirt to show the rest of the world how ignorant I am.


Tru Dat

Double Tru

Okay, so, I just couldn't stand it. I had to make my own version of the logo.

This is the real Google font (Catull), except for the "a" which is Times New Roman because it looks funky in Catull. The inner bevel, drop shadow and colors are as close as I could get to Google's.


Albertane: see above, re: whiny little bitches.

Meh. The other ones didn't suit me. I'd have redone it just for myself but I figured I'd post it for everyone else too.

You see, that's the beauty of the Internet. You don't have to accept what's provided for you, you can go ahead and do it yourself if you want. Then put it out there for other people to dislike and redo. Thus the circle is complete.


Yeah! Kick the motherfucking bitches in their asses! don't search with google any more! use some other SEs, and not google!

yeah, albertane; yours looks so different. the only difference is the wrong font for the "a." fucktard. that's the beauty of the internet: i can insult your lame ass.

forget the debate! teh cDc has spoken!

i should check the main page more often

Bunker Mole

While I agree that this might just be another evil corporation doing evil... Google was partially funded by the CIA. Google's dealings with China could very well contain a strategy far beyond what the public is gathering from mainstream news or otherwise.

I proposed a strategy for North Korea years ago that would involve this kind of infiltration. Yes, "infiltration"... American public outrage will only help the "cover".

That said, I still wonder if the best thing we could do is simply be a better example to the World by getting rid of the corrupt republicans and weeding out the worst of the democrats and lead by example... You know, overcome our current corporate media control and industrial military complex that overruns the public's will (without most even knowing it... the corporate sleepers).

Anyway, possible Google/China strategy... It's complex, so I'll just paste something I publicly wrote about a similar topic some years ago:

"... People who primarily digest mainstream TV news (notably, the sly Foxnews network) on the topic of N. Korea are subverted towards a narrow view of the situation and may unknowingly approve of dangerous, ill-conceived Bush strategies without ever knowing there are safer, smarter alternatives (sound familiar?).

To get an idea of where this narrowband thought-stream is headed into the public opinion ranks, you can look upstream towards some of the most concentrated sources of revisionist manifestos... Ann Coulter. I look towards Coulter (a FoxNews darling) and other "brain scan candidates" to affirm the worst case scenarios in isolationist, backed up, narrow thought structure. A thought structure that's eventually fed into the public's mindset through a small amount of corporate plutocratic interests that, unfortunately, reach a widespread United States audience who have limited time for pursuits of other sources of information.

Ann Coulter has an article that could make you think that almost every Clinton strategy (in regards to N. Korea) failed miserably and therefore, Bush should try a nearly opposite approach.

Some of Coulter's statements are merely comical, tiny checkered blankets thrown atop huge, grey elephants she judges "covered".

ANN: "...in October 2002, the North Koreans admitted that immediately after signing Clinton's 1994 "peace" agreement, they had set to work building nuclear weapons."

COW: Immediately after signing the 1994 Framework Agreement?

In Oct. of 2002, the Bush administration said N. Korea only admitted to conducting a program during the last couple of years. Also, in March of 2001, U.S. officials told the Times that there was no evidence that North Korea had violated the terms of the agreement up to that point (about 7 years after the agreement).

After the infamous Oct., 2002 US-North Korea bilateral talks in Pyongyang, James Kelly later admitted that they "confessed" to him only after he deftly bluffed that the United States was already "aware" of a nuclear program. North Korea says it has only admitted to having "a plan" to produce nuclear weapons (which it claims is a self-defense right) in order to keep the Bush administration at bay. They said that Bush inspired them to start a plan after becoming threatened by his "axis of evil" speech. If one bothers to study Asian culture (at all), that kind of blunt language is not only considered unseemly (especially coming from a president), but is also often taken as a direct threat. Whoops...

Bush also later resorted to personal attacks and called Kim Jon II a "pygmy" (among other things). Very presidential...

White House officials reject the charge that the speech caused damage. They say that North Korea was pursuing a nuclear program in violation of its "international commitments" long before Bush uttered the "axis of evil" phrase. The problem is... in March of 2001, U.S. officials also said there was no evidence that North Korea was in violation of the terms of the 1994 Framework Agreement [international commitment] up to that point. So why are they changing their story now? (Sound familiar?) Once again, more Bush doublespeak in a lame attempt to cover up dangerous blunders.

Does Ann Coulter and the Bush administration distort the facts? Cow reports, you decide.

Now if we can just get past this dangerous, political rhetoric to cover Bush's ass... maybe we can finally focus on real issues that can actually save lives. For instance, Clinton's strategy used things like the 1994 Framework Agreement to hold off the N. Koreans from developing nuclear weapons. Was using support to keep the North Korean program at bay a completely bad idea? Is that just a payoff so they won't kill us? Was threatening N. Korea's leader more effective? Will name calling and threats solve anything?

Take a hard look at N. Korea... the citizens are almost completely isolated by their government and, therefore, more easily pushed into fear and hatred towards the outside world even more than they fear their own government (sound familiar?). A hasty regime change could cost millions of lives, including a vast amount of U.S. troops and innocent S. Koreans. Where is Bush's "black and white" standoff going to take us with North Korea?

Bush has made a costly mistake by hastily and prematurely derailing the Framework Agreement. We should focus, instead, on a long term strategy of supporting the N. Koreans in ways that introduce a subversive westernization of its citizens over time. For example, computers are rare and Internet access is practically nonexistent for most people in North Korea.

In exchange for better relations and a continued freeze on any nuclear plans, we should have supported N. Korea's small businesses with low end computers and heavily filtered internet access (to appease the govt.). Companies funded by U.S. spooks (like Google, for instance) could supply search engines that are customized to narrowly search information to N. Korea's government standards. Don't believe Google would do this? They already do so in other countries like China right now.

So, should we give the enemy computers? Crazy talk, right? The administration fears that N. Korea is training computer hackers. Welcome to the club... Iraq was suspected of doing this and currently Iran, China and Russia are also training people for Internet warfare. For that matter, almost every modernized country in the world is. Is restricting internet access and continuing the dangerous isolation of the N. Korean people safer than giving them internet access? Will Bush make this approach a widespread foreign policy for the sake of consistency? Should he attempt to shut down internet access to every other country that is hostile to America and/or doesn't agree with U.S. policies?

One can look towards China to see the positive effects of internet access spreading through a communist state (or at least, Hong Kong). Internet filters can only do so much to thwart a determined public searching through a vast network of information for answers. Even the great "firewall of China" is slipping up here and there and inadvertently allowing its citizens to become more informed about western culture and democracy. If teenage kids can get around similar technology to block porn... so can other ( oppressed ^_^ ) citizens. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens protested further laws that attack their freedoms (sound familiar?) just the other day. They fear the government's draconian new laws will turn Hong Kong into a prison state (also sound familiar?). They have tasted freedom and are attempting to peacefully change the government from the inside out. It was the largest protest in Hong Kong since the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protest of 1989 and no one was killed.

What?! Slow regime change without bloodshed?! That's no good! We should derail the protests and attack China!

Where there's more information (even if it's limited), there is more understanding; wherever minds are freed, there is more liberty and the desire for more freedom (and peace) blooms. For instance, S. Korea is one of the world's most wired nations with over 70% of all households having a high-speed broadband connection to the Internet. This is incredibly ironic since N. Korea is one of the world's most "unwired" countries. Anyway, strangely enough, S. Korea is on pretty good terms with the rest of the world, unlike the United States who, funny enough... have much less broadband access for its citizens.

Also ironic (and is there a lessen here?), S. Korea's rampant access to information has been bad for the Bush administration as they have " freely" come to fear the United States like the rest of the connected world has in recent history.

Anyway, the point is... S. Korea's citizens are knowledgeable, nicer and don't threaten to blow up the United States and peaceful pressures can bring N. Korea back from the brink without massive bloodshed. (I won't get into all the parallel black operations we should also utilize for obvious reasons and general cow safety)

So, will Kim Jong Il go for it? Yep. A known movie nut, Krazy Kim has also taken quite a fancy to computers. He visited software labs and high-tech hubs during his rare trips to China and Russia in 2000 and 2001. Under his rule, North Korea has opened computer labs and has made computer education compulsory in schools. In 2001, Kim declared he would "computerize the whole country". The nut even claims to have invented a drink that makes you less tired when working on computers (I think he calls it Jolt Kola or something).

The United States should be glad to help him with that stated goal in exchange for a freeze on nuclear ambitions. Both sides can declare victory and Washington will win the endgame as the North Korean public get slowly exposed to the outside world and begins to taste freedom... leading to eventual healthy dissent, protest and change. Of course, if they get "too free", they'll eventually begin to peacefully protest the Bush administration... and we can't have that..

Will people die with this method? Sure, peaceful protests can get hundreds, even thousands killed... But that's incredibly pale in comparison to the souls that will die in "all out" war. Less humiliation, destruction and death... More human dignity and peaceful perseverance.

I don't believe all this will happen on it's own, but with the right leaders in our offices, just about any good task put to the amazing American public is possible. America has some of the best people in the world to handle N. Korea.. I sure wish Bush was part of that crowd. For instance, our unsung American heros in the black ops netherworld who selflessly sacrifice their lives in the background to grease the wheels of freedom for complete strangers and make the world safer for us all back home... amazing, amazing people. By the way, these heros are risking their lives without glory or fanfare somewhere in the world right now, think about that for a moment and silently thank them. While you are at it, honor them by doing something constructive with your freedom... show your respect and get involved in the democracy they are dying for. I digress again...

In the end...

We have a leader who doesn't bother with the complexity of endgame strategy. We have a leader who seizes money making opportunities (for a chosen few Bush administration corporations) at the expense of the rest of the United States and the World. We have our own isolationist, "mini" Kim Jong II exchanging slurs back and forth with the N. Korean Kim Jong II... Bush II sincerely seems to despise peaceful alternatives to "all out" war. Bush is a maniac who needs to be impeached before hundreds of thousands or even millions of people die. Bush is a liar with an administration full of cheats. We need to impeach him and dismantle this corrupt system that only benefits the chosen few.

While I agree that the 1994 Framework Agreement had major flaws, completely throwing it out (without any other plan) was an ill-conceived, thoughtless and an incredibly dangerous move. Bulging egos and flaring tempers may result in everyone else dying except the idiot hot heads exchanging the most venom.

Bush II and Kim Jong II.... what a pair. ..."

BTW, this comment board doesn't work with Safari, had to use Firefox.

Google: be evil.

Judging by all this "You're being ethnocentric, it's a different way of life" relativist tripe, I think it should be required that, to engage in political debate, people should have to take a basic fallism test and, should they fail, they should be further required to take philosophy 101.

Maybe then they'd stop embarrasing themselves.

Casey, you mean fatism? Right?
Fallism isn't a proper googlism!

Freedom of speach is still a basic freedom. Stop bush from removing our basic freedoms and rights. Federal government was ment to be for all the people. State government was for the rights of individual states to control the rights of their own destinees. Comes a time to put back the 1776'ers dream and understanding of government and its legislative powers as a triumverate according to the Constitution of the United States of America. That of which I have so avowed. To Support and Defend. so help me God.

China isn't communist and the term 'communist state' is an oxymoron since in communism there is no state. China is state-capitalist.
Communism is a classless, stateless society, so that doesn't really fit China's description too good.

I'm gonna print the Goolag image in my Uni student magazine.
I agree with Bleh, Communism in reality would function a bit like the free software movement and Linux. Everyone can decide how they want to live and if the structures aren't satisfactory then they can invent a better structure.
I don't usually use the word Communism because I don't want to get mistaken for a Red Fascist. Which is what China most definitely is.
Control comes from above, freedom from within.

Google doesnt censor anything, noobs.

@Smarter than you

In China it does, maybe you should pull your head out of your ass you damn retard?
Dumb fucker.

What does Goolag actually mean, though? (other than reading and sounding like Google). Glad to see people are trying to raise awareness of this, it made me angry to see China getting away with trying to hide the truth from the Chinese, and kind of sad that most of them are unaware of the killings at Tiananmen square.

look up "gulag."

Indeed it is a different way of life, being a slave to an oppressive goverment that crushes their freedom of speech, destroys homes without compensation to build whatever it damn well pleases.

I agree, china needs to stop getting treated special just because they run our slave labour camps.

Google pisses us off especially because we expect somthing like this from Microsoft, but people hoped google would be different.
If a company with righteous ideals like google dosn't take a stand, then who the hell will?

You amaricans are more "komunist" and "tottaly" state (state of stupid "masses", than every comunist state, because you are only praying form Mr. Grass (Bush) .. and he is your only god you are crazy you think you have a "democracy" in US, you are realy fool ...you are only a slaves in a big hiearchy system .. i spend 10 years in comunist and 10 in capitalist..and the between is only a technology..that gives them (the politics) bigger power ! you fools, freedom is death..

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