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DSE asks and ye shall obey

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I have determined that the following three items are worthy of your attention this weekend.

SOURCE Barcelona

SOURCE Barcelona is next Monday and Tuesday (9/21-9/22) at the Museu Nacional D’art de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. Topics range from security of next-generation telco services to secure kernel development for Windows, with a hearty helping of everything in between.

This conference is not to be missed. I can already anticipate the cries of "but I'm nowhere near Spain!" Your geographic location is of no concern to DSE.

Come for SOURCE, stay for La Mercè. You could use a little more culture in your life, after all.


You may or may not be aware (though you certainly should be) that Melissa Hathaway, the Obama administration's "cyber czar" resigned last month. As such, there is a petition to have the cDc's very own Mudge appointed in her place.

Sign the petition! NOW!! Don't you want a cyberczar who not only knows what's what about security but also knows how to shred? (Skip to the end...)

Today, the cDc is releasing NSFer Punkle Jones's hot-hot-hot single "Fried Chikken!"

That's right, it's not one, but two finger-lickin' good versions of the most excellent tune you'll hear all month. As Punkle says, "Hey guys, I made dinner!" Indeed!
Here are the lyrics in all of their splendor:

Girl don't go
Now I'm all alone
Nobody with me
Nobody gets me
Head back home
Down on the farm
Momma's there a-waitin'
Gonna be some masticatin'

Down home'n Mommy
What you cookin' for me
Some greasy fried chicken
F-f-f-fried chicken

Momma caught me cryin'
Told her I was lyin'
About my situation
For public masturbation
Sheriff comin' over
Wanna talk it over
But he won't ever get me
I'll take some chicken with me

Stream it here:

And then download it:
Crank it up. WAY UP.

Download, distribute, listen, repeat.

There you have it, my children. These are the items to which you will attend in the coming days. Fret not, for I shall be with you as always, for I am DemonSeed Elite, and you are not. Amen!


Signed, go mudge.

i am recruiting hackers for a country wide break in interested party send info to anderson.smith41@yahoomail.com

This is all very interesting but I wrote a program that will program your brain. :)

you people are a bunch of loosers, get a life, I've been beating you loosers of CDC for a while now, but you do not post that on your site, you nothing but hot air. Let see if you got the balls to post this. Master Sargeant Reed.

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