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cDc members and their work have graced the pages of the world's finest publications (and some pretty crappy ones, too). Some of them even get it right. Other mentions of us are borderline (or outright) libelous. That's what we get for being so cool.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, nor is it intended as an endorsement of any of these publications. Also, for brevity, we're only including English-language press coverage.

Periodicity is the quality of occurring at regular intervals or periods (in time or space) and can occur in different contexts.


09-19-2009 - Prince, Brian, "Malware Defensive Techniques Will Evolve as Security Arms
                    Race Continues
," eWeek.
09-18-2009 - Heath, Nick, "Why virus writers are turning to open source," cnet.
09-16-2009 - Naraine, Ryan, "Google + reCAPTCHA could raise bar in anti-bot,
                    anti-spam battle
," Zero Day.
09-14-2009 - Ioffe, Julia, "To catch a cyberthief: How Symantec does it,"
09-05-2009 - Solomon, Naiomi, "Skype virus steals your voice," BoingBoing.
08-27-2009 - Leffall, Jabulani, "Hotmail Accounts Getting 'Hijacked,' Microsoft Says,"
07-31-2009 - Hartley, Adam, "McKinnon decision: 'An appalling day for every British
07-31-2009 - Hartley, Adam, "Sophos: McKinnon is NOT a cybercriminal,"
07-23-2009 - McMillan, Robert, "Hacker group L0pht makes a comeback, of sorts,"
07-15-2009 - Marshall, Gary, "8 infamous tech firms that went straight,"
07-13-2009 - "Kit of the Month: Power Sharing," Popular Science, August 2009.
06-11-2009 - Greenberg, Andy, "Cybercrime's Executive Focus," Forbes.
06-01-2009 - "Spam Finds New Paths Into Corporate Nets," CIO.
05-26-2009 - McMillan, Robert, "90 Percent of E-mail Is Spam, Symantec Says," PC World.
04-23-2009 - Acohido, Byron, "Cybergangs use cheap labor to break codes on social
," USA Today.
04-06-2009 - Zimmett, Nora, "Ex-Sen. Bill Bradley Sits on Board of Major Spamming
," Fox News.
04-06-2009 - Chacksfield, Marc, "Date set for UK hacker hearing,"
04-06-2009 - Beam, Christopher, "I See You Typing," Slate.
03-13-2009 - O'Connor, Fred, "Foreign Web Attacks Change Security Paradigm,"
                    PC World.
02-25-2009 - Cringely, Robert X., "Facebook, MySpace, and social (media) diseases,"
02-22-2009 - Dey, Ujjwal, "E-Zine: The Pulp and The Grind," Hamilton Institute.


12-03-2008 - Greenberg, Adam, "Apple's Security Paradox," Forbes.
11-28-2008 -"Facebook wins $873 mln case against spammer," Xinhua.
11-18-2008 - Gage, Deborah, "Facebook wins $873 million case against spammer,"
                    San Francisco Chronicle.
11-18-2008 - Krebs, Brian, "How Does So Much Spam Come From One Place?,"
                    The Washington Post.
11-17-2008 - Dunn, John E., "Spam Drop Could Boost Trojan Attacks,"
                    PC World.
11-17-2008 - Leyden, John, "Legacy networking problem cure as bad as disease,"
                    The Register.
11-14-2008 - Moses, Asher, "Spam drops 75% as major host shut down," The Age.
11-13-2008 - Perrin, Chad, "Microsoft finally catches the eight year bug,"
11-13-2008 - Espiner, Tom, "Microsoft explains seven-year patch delay,"
                    cnet news.
11-12-2008 - Wattanajantra, Asavin, "Patch Tuesday fixes 'Dead Cow Cult' exploit ,"
11-12-2008 - Leyden, John, "MS patch Tuesday includes fix for seven-year old itch,"
                    The Register.
11-12-2008 - Raywood, Dan, "Industry welcomes Microsoft's latest patching,"
                    SC Magazine.
11-12-2008 - McMillan, Robert, "Microsoft security patch was seven years in the
," InfoWorld.
11-12-2008 - Leffall, Jabulani, "SMB Exploit Took 7 Years To Fix, Security Pros Say,"
11-12-2008 - Wattanajantra, Asavin, "It's a quiet Microsoft patch month, but an expert
                    reveals the history of one of the flaws that's being fixed.
," ITPro.
11-12-2008 - Fontana, John, "Microsoft patch closes 7-year-old OS hole, expert says,"
11-12-2008 - Vamosi, Robert, "Spam declines after hosting company shut-down," cnet.
11-11-2008 - Rosenberg, Dave, "Microsoft takes 7 years to fix security exploit,"
                    cnet news.
11-11-2008 - Budd, Christopher, "MS08-068 and SMBRelay," The Microsoft Security
                    Response Center
11-11-2008 - "Microsoft Patch Tuesday - Reflections on November releases," CIO.
11-11-2008 - Claburn, Thomas, "Microsoft's November Patch Tuesday Unusually Light,"
                    Information Week.
10-31-2008 - Lynch, Brendan, "UConn, MIT help tackle voting tech security,"
                    Mass High Tech.
10-21-2008 - Swartz, Jon, "'Backscatter spam' gums up many e-mail inboxes," USA Today.
10-21-2008 - Greene, Kate, "Open Up and Say Eureka," Technology Review,
                    November/December 2008.
10-20-2008 - Thompson, Clive, "Build It. Share It. Profit. Can Open Source Hardware
," Wired 16.11.
10-18-2008 - Keizer, Gregg, "Court Orders Palin to Keep E-Mail Records,"
                    PC World.
10-13-2008 - Keizer, Gregg, "Judge orders Palin to preserve Yahoo e-mails,"
09-20-2008 - Keizer, Gregg, "Other Webmail Services Share Password Reset Flaw,"
                    PC World.
08-26-2008 - Boggan, Steve, "RAM raiders: inside secrets of the cyber hackers,"
                    The London Times.
07-22-2008 - Leggio, Jennifer, "Twitter anti-spam efforts go overboard," ZDNet.
07-18-2008 - Mills, Elinor, "Team debuts electronic-hacking how-to videos at HOPE
," cnet news.
07-16-2008 - Wilson, Jacque, "Frogger, anyone? Old-school gamers revel in nostalgia,"
                    CNN Online.
06-28-2008 - McMillan, Robert, "For spammers, a picture is better than 1,000 words,"
06-18-2008 - Kaplan, Dan, "Higher learning," SC Magazine.
06-09-2008 - "Spammers target social networking sites," KGO-TV.
05-05-2008 - Menn, Joseph, "ID thieves find a niche in online social networks,"
                    Los Angeles Times.
05-02-2008 - Conner, Margery, "15 steps to starting your own electronic kit business,"
04-30-2008 - Hoffman, Stefanie, "McAfee CEO: Threats Too Complex For Single Product
," ChannelWeb.
04-25-2008 - Kleiner, Kurt, "Happy spamiversary! Spam reaches 30," New Scientist.
03-16-2008 - Acohido, Byron and Jon Swartz, "Botnet scams are exploding," USA Today.
03-11-2008 - Bharati, Niranjan and Joji Thomas Philip, "Now, hackers sneak into govt
," The Economic Times.
03-05-2008 - Singel, Ryan, "DIY Robotics: The Rise of Open Source Hardware," Wired.
03-03-2008 - Lynch, Brendan, "L0pht hackers to reunite at Source Boston event; Internet
," Mass High Tech.
02-23-2008 - McMillan, Robert, "Goolag makes Google Hacking a snap," PC World.
02-22-2008 -Hoffman, Stefanie, "Hacker Group Releases New Google Vulnerability
," ChannelWeb.
02-22-2008 - Vilches, Jose, "Hackers turn Google into vulnerability scanner," TechSpot.
02-22-2008 - Vijayan, Jaikumar, "Hacker group releases automated 'Google hacking'
," ComputerWorld.
02-22-2008 - "Extreme Search Engine Hacking," GNUCitizen.
02-22-2008 - Nixon, Dave, "Hackers tool Google into vulnerability scanner,"
                    Security Watch.
02-22-2008 - "Hackers use Google to find website vulnerabilities," AFP.
02-22-2008 - Hopkins, Mark 'Rizzn', "Cult of the Dead Cow Releases Exploit Search
                    Engine Goolag
," Mashable Social Networking News.
02-22-2008 - Claburn, Thomas, "Google-Powered Hacking Makes Search A Threat,"
                    Information Week.
02-22-2008 - Leyden, John, "cDc automates Google Hacking," The Register.
02-22-2008 - Broersma, Matthew, "Hackers turn Google into vulnerability scanner,"
02-22-2008 - l33tdawg, "Goolag Scan Turns Google into Vulnerability Scanner,"
                    hack in the box.
02-21-2008 - Edwards, Mark Joseph, "cDc Releases Goolag Scanner," Windows IT Pro.
02-21-2008 - Naraine, Ryan, "Tool Turns Google into Vulnerability Scanner," eWeek.
02-20-2008 - Barwise, Mike, "Google scanning - is it legal?," Heise Online.
02-20-2008 - "GoolagScan is Dork-in-a-Box," Open Networks Today.
02-20-2008 - mhall, "Cult of the Dead Cow turns Google into a vulnerability scanner,"
                    Heise Online.
02-19-2008 - Jardin, Xeni, ", CdC's new web data auditing tool, launches,"
02-07-2008 - "How money changed the face of flaw disclosure,"
01-25-2008 - "Your Spammer May Be a Victim, Too," eWeek.


12-19-2007 - Leyden, John, "Tiger Team brings haxploitation to TV," The Register.
12-04-2007 - Burger, Andrew K., "The Evolution of Spam, Part 3: Now Taking Control of
                    Your PC
," TechNewsWorld.
11-28-2007 - "Phishing damaging consumer confidence says survey," Computer Business
10-15-2007 - "BBN Technologies’ Peiter 'Mudge' Zatko Honored With Boston Business
                    Journal ‘40 Under 40’ Award
," BBN Technologies.
07-17-2007 - McMillan, Robert, "FBI says military names used in e-mail scams,"
07-17-2007 - Higgins, Kelly Jackson, "Attackers Hide In Fast Flux," Forbes.
06-25-2007 - McMillan, Robert, "Symantec Labs working on SiteAdvisor alternative,"
06-14-2007 - Fisher, Dennis, "Web applications tangle security researchers, attract
," Information Security online.
06-12-2007 - Schwankert, Stephen, "AOL Spammer Pleads Guilty," PC World.
06-04-2007 - Larkin, Erik, "'Image Spam' Slips into Inbox," PC World.
06-04-2007 - Regan, Keith, "Putting King in Clink Won't Can Spam," CRM Buyer.
05-31-2007 - Acohido, Byron, "Infamous spammer arrested, faces new charges,"
                    USA Today.
05-25-2007 - McMillan, Robert, "Microsoft Sues Alleged Stock Scammers," PC World.
05-14-2007 - "Fight for human rights enters the digital domain,"
05-13-2007 - Bronskill, Jim, "Global fight for human rights enters the digital domain,"
                    CNews Across Canada.
04-26-2007 - Lejtenyi, Patrick, "Sleepwalking into a surveillance state,"
                    Montreal Mirror, Vol. 22, No. 44.
04-23-2007 - Jardin, Xeni, "Google, China, and genocide: web censorship and Tibet,"
04-17-2007 - Patrizio, Andy, "No time to be 'Blaise' about voting,"
04-13-2007 - Strickland, Phil, "IDC: Spam To Rocket Past Legit E-Mail This Year"
                    North County Times.
04-01-2007 - Fitzgerald, Michael, "L0pht in Transition," CSO:  The Resource for
                    Security Experts
01-22-2007 - McMillan, Robert, "Storm Trojan floods email boxes," ARN.
01-17-2007 - Jardin, Xeni, "Self-tuning portable RF jammer disguised as menthol cigs,"


12-13-2006 - Lecca, Sacha, "Electronic Wonderland At Holiday HackShop 2006,"
12-12-2006 - Terdiman, Daniel, "Laser etching coming to a laptop near you," cnet news.
12-01-2006 - "Get your x0x off," FutureMusic, December 2006.
12-01-2006 - Genosko, Gary, "The Case of 'Mafiaboy' and the Rhetorical Limits of
," Fibreculture Journal Issue 9 - general issue.
11-20-2006 - Blacharski, Dan, "Blog Insights: The Chinese Internet: No happiness,"
11-15-2006 - Lemos, Robert, "Malware goes to the movies," SecurityFocus.
11-13-2006 - Gray, Patrick, "L0phtCrack is dead! Long live L0phtCrack!"
                    Search Security.
10-09-2006 - Rapoza, Jim, "Anonymous Web Surfing Made Easy," eWeek.
10-02-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "NBC thinks Cult of the Dead Cow is 1337," BoingBoing.
10-01-2006 - Taylor, Jeff A., "Are the perverts tangled in your web?,"
                    Chicago Sun-Times.
09-27-2006 - Wilson, Vipin, "UPI Intelligence Watch," UPI Security & Terrorism.
09-25-2006 - Scott, Jason, "Tales from a BBS Junkie ," Slashdot.
09-22-2006 - "eWEEK Labs Walk-Through: Torpark ," eWeek.
09-22-2006 - Wilson, Vipin, " New browser lets users surf without a trace,"
                    Business Day.
09-22-2006 - Rapoza, Jim, "Torpark Makes Anonymous Web Surfing Easy," eWeek.
09-22-2006 - "New browser lets users surf without a trace ," Hindustan Times.
09-22-2006 - " 'Hacktivists' offer stealth web," Australian IT.
09-21-2006 - "Hacktivismo introduces Torpack [sic] browser for anonymous Internet
," Telecomworldwire.
09-19-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Torpark is out, offering 'anonymous, portable web
," BoingBoing.
09-19-2006 - McMillan, Robert, "Spammers Cashing in on Free Hosting Services,"
                    PC World.
09-07-2006 - "Paris Hilton & Trout Mask Replica," Orgasmatrix.
09-06-2006 - "Loose wires: Bill Gates and the Playboy bunnies," Valleywag.
09-05-2006 - "Omakase links: post-holiday bluesnixer roundup," BoingBoing.
08-31-2006 - "Malware database access sparks debate," ComputerWeekly.
08-30-2006 - Bridis, Ted, "AP Enterprise: Cell Phones Spill Secrets," Associated Press.
08-18-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Tibetan mesh org hosting community WiFi event in India in
," BoingBoing.
08-18-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Tibetans to Teach Wi-Fi Know-How," Wired News.
08-17-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Wireless Binds Tibetan Exiles," BoingBoing.
08-17-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Wireless Works Wonders in Tibet," Wired News.
08-15-2006 - McMillan, Robert, "E-Mail: New Spam Tricks," CIO.
08-09-2006 - "Prominent Hacker Group Launches Web Application to Combat Malicious
," WebKnowhow.
08-09-2006 - Kerner, Sean Michael, "Hacking the Dead Cow,"
08-08-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Hacking the Himalayas," National Public Radio's Day to Day
                    (series; click for individual stories).
08-08-2006 - Edwards, Mark Joseph, "Cult Of The Dead Cow Puts Malware Samples
," Windows IT Pro.
08-08-2006 - Doctorow, Cory, "Malware repository for security researchers," BoingBoing.
08-08-2006 - "The Cult of the Dead Cow starts community based web application for
                    malware analysis
," Help Net Security.
07-28-2006 - "Richard Stallman attracts air-humping hackers," Valleywag.
07-24-2006 - Newitz, Annalee, "Hackers Fight Authority in NYC," Wired News.
07-24-2006 - Blau, John, "Hacktivismo Releases Secure IM for Dissidents," CIO.
07-22-2006 - "Hacktivismo launches ScatterChat ," Slashdot.
07-22-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Secure IM to guard against totalitarian govs: Scatterchat,"
07-22-2006 - Doctorow, Cory, "ScatterChat: anonymous, secure chat," BoingBoing.
07-19-2006 - "Hacked off," .net magazine.
06-10-2006 - "Google or Goolag?" San Francisco Chronicle
06-08-2006 - Lemos, Robert"Researchers eye machines to analyze malware,"
05-01-2006 - Garretson, Cara, "Phishing leverages VoIP in new scam model,"
05-01-2006 - "The Good, the Bad and the Google," Adbusters #65.
04-28-2006 - Thomson, Iain, "Phishers move in on VoIP," vnunet.
02-25-2009 - McMillan, Robert, "Phishers dial in to VOIP," InfoWorld.
03-15-2006 - Meinel, Carolyn, "Hoaxers, Hackers, and Policymakers,"Skeptical Inquirer, Vol 30, #2.
03-15-2006 - Terdiman, Daniel, "Roomba takes Frogger to the asphalt jungle,"
                    cnet news.
02-26-2006 - "Magazine Preview: Dancing with Dictators," Red Herring.
02-20-2006 - Corrick, Kathryn, "Savaged by a dead cow," New Statesman.
02-15-2006 - Doctorow, Cory, "cDc's China/Internet hearings post-mortem:
                    The Gang of Four
," BoingBoing.
02-15-2006 - Broache, Anne, "Tibetan Exiles Protest Google Censorship," Fox News.
02-15-2006 - Broache, Anne, "Activists have no love for 'Goolag' regime," c|net News.
02-15-2006 - Magnier, Mark, "Battle Heats Up Over Chinese Censorship," Los Angeles
02-14-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Exiled Tibetans in Dharamsala protest Google censorship in
," BoingBoing.
02-13-2006 - Fisher, Dennis, "Securitys Heaviest Hitters," eWeek.
02-13-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Yahoo logo parodied over China: what's good for the
," BoingBoing.
02-12-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Hacktivists parody Google logo for protest, China human
                    rights fundraiser
," BoingBoing.
02-09-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Food Hackers Make High-Tech Geek Cuisine," NPR.


09-05-2005 - Still, Brian, "Hacking for a Cause," First Monday Volume 10, Number 9.
08-11-2005 - Bray, Hiawatha, "How-to heyday not just for gearheads,"
                    The Boston Globe.
05-24-2005 - Germain, Jack M.,"Scientist Blames Web Security Issues on Repeated
," E-Commerce Times.
05-01-2005 - Guizzo, Erico, "Zone of Silence," IEEE Spectrum May 2005.
04-15-2005 - "Congress Promising to Thwart Identity Theft," Associated Press.
04-05-2005 - Jardin, Xeni, "Miss Tibet Pageant," BoingBoing.
02-03-2005 - Terdiman, Daniel, "Curiously High-Tech Hacks for a Classic Tin,"
                    The New York Times.


08-17-2004 - Schachtman, Noah, "Hackers Take Aim at GOP, Wired.
08-01-2004 - Datz, Todd, "Control Systems Read Like an Open Book,"
                    CSO:  The Resource for Security Executives, August 2004.
07-26-2004 - Leyden, Joel, "Vegas Braces for DEFCON," The Register.
07-14-2004 - Delio, Michelle, "Hacktivism and How It Got Here," Wired News.
03-24-2004 - O'Donnell, Shannon, "OS/400 Alert: Microsoft Closes the Doors on JVM,"
                    Four Hundred Guru Volume 4, Number 9.


10-01-2003 - Hamilton, Denise, "Spies like us: understanding information-hiding
," Searcher.
09-01-2003 - Sprigman, Chris, "Democratic Hacks," Foreign Policy, Issue 138,
                    September/October 2003.
07-31-2003 - "Restrictions in 'free' software," New Straits Times.
07-25-2003 - SecurityFocus, "The Hackers Who Broke Windows," The Register.
06-24-2003 - Sprigman, Chris, "Hacking for Free Speech: A New Breed of 'Hacktivists'
                    Takes on Internet Censorship
," FindLaw's Writ.
03-31-2003 - "Hackers hit back at Al-Jazeera attack," The Inquirer.
03-31-2003 - Delio, Michelle, "Hackers Condemn Arab Site Hack," Wired.
03-18-2003 - Tuttle, Harry, "Hacktivismo releases Six/Four," Infoshop News.
03-12-2003 - "New technology may foil PRC attempts at censorship efforts,"
                    The China Post.
03-10-2003 - Rapoza, Jim, "Heads Up on Six/Four: Anonymity on the Net," eWeek.
03-06-2003 - Rapoza, Jim, "Six/Four: The Internet Under Cover," eWeek.
03-01-2003 - "Children of the Napster revolution," Telecom Asia.
02-03-2003 - Berinato, Scott, "Hackers with a Cause," CSO Online.
01-29-2003 - Delio, Michelle, "Da Vinci: The Pith Behind the Man," Wired News.


12-14-2002 - Lynch, Daniel, "China's 'Great Internet Firewall'," Taipei Times.
12-09-2002 - Fisher, Dennis, "Agreement Targets Censorship," eWeek.
12-07-2002 - Gossett, Sherrie, "Hackers fight totalitarian governments," WorldNetDaily.
11-27-2002 - McCullagh, Declan, "Software license tied to human rights," CNET News.
11-26-2002 - Robbins, Alexandra, "Hard Times for Hacktivists," PC Magazine.
11-26-2002 - Fisher, Dennis, "Hackers Fight Censorship, Human Rights Violations,"
11-21-2002 - "Do you know your staff?" Computer Weekly.
11-20-2002 - Gillmor, Dan, "Privacy Wrongs" San Jose Mercury News.
11-14-2002 - Schachtman, Noah, "Study Makes Less of Hack Threat," Wired.
11-01-2002 - "Looking for clues. (ALT. NET [right arrow] Steganography),"
                    Australian PC World.
11-01-2002 - Skoudis, Ed, "InfoSec's Worst Nightmares," Information Security Magazine.
10-13-2002 -Wagner, Mitch, "Hacktivists Against Censorship," The Washington Post.
10-10-2002 - Lee, Jennifer, "Guerrilla Warfare, Waged With Code," New York Times.
10-07-2002 - McHugh, Josh, "Vox Unpopuli," Forbes.
10-03-2002 - Wagner, Mitch, "Fighting Net Censorship Abroad," Wired.
09-04-2002 - Slater, Derek, "Steganography Tools," CSO Online.
08-30-2002 - "Details on some anti-censorship technologies ," The Associated Press.
08-27-2002 - Doctorow, Cory, "Use a firewall," The Age.
08-26-2002 - Doctorow, Cory, "Hacktivism explained," BoingBoing.
08-05-2002 - Einhorn, Bruce, "Hackers to Beijing: Have a Cow!" Business Week
                    online edition
08-01-2002 - Kuhn, D. Richard, Miles C. Tracy, and Sheila E. Frankel, "Security for
                    Telecommuting and Broadband Communications: Recommendations of the
                    National Institute of Standards and Technology
," National Institute of
                    Standards and Technology
Special Publication 800-46.
08-01-2002 - "Hacking," Telecom Asia.
08-01-2002 - Bell, Steve, "The web's most wanted," The Guardian.
08-01-2002 - Doctorow, Cory, "High-larious hacker blog," BoingBoing.
07-23-2002 - "e-business: Protocol that can beat the spooks," Birmingham Post.
07-22-2002 - Einhorn, Bruce, "Sohu: So Far, So Good -- Sort of," BusinessWeek Online.
07-19-2002 - "Reviews News: Apple takes a large bite," ZDNet Australia.
07-18-2002 - Millman, Rene, "IT managers get hacker tool warning,"
07-18-2002 - Schachtman, Noah, "Why Countries Make Sites Unseen," Wired News.
07-17-2002 - Computerwire, "NetIQ claims detects Hacktivismo tool," The Register.
07-16-2002 - Chait, Michael, "Hacktivists Make Software to Deliver Censored Content,"
07-16-2002 - Turner, Adam, "Your other processor," The Age.
07-15-2002 - Rapoza, Jim, "Camera/Shy: Theres more to the picture than
," eWeek.
07-15-2002 - "Hackers target web censorship," BBC News.
07-15-2002 - Fisher, Dennis, "NetIQ Develops Tools to Kill Camera/Shy," eWeek.
07-15-2002 - "NetIQ Releases Protection Against New Hacker Tool 'Camera/Shy',"
                    Business Wire.
07-15-2002 - Fisher, Dennis, "Camera/Shy Outflanks Net Content Censorship," eWeek.
07-13-2002 - Delio, Michelle, "Whole Lot of Happy Hacker Campers," Wired News.
07-12-2002 - Shachtman, Noah, "A New Code for Anonymous Web Use," Wired News.
07-12-2002 - Zetter, Kim, "Hackers Tackle Censorship With New Tool," PC World.
07-12-2002 - Delio, Michelle, "The Hackers Who Ate New York City," Wired News.
07-08-2002 - Fisher, Dennis, "App Delivers Censored Content," eWeek.
07-04-2002 - Knight, Will, "'Hacktivists' to release covert communications tool,"
                    New Scientist.
07-04-2002 - Rajawat, K Yatish, "e-xtortion: Cult of the dead cow strikes India,"
                    The Economic Times.
05-24-2002 - "Essential contacts," Computer Weekly.
04-22-2002 - Doctorow, Cory, "Hacktivism demystified," BoingBoing.
04-10-2002 - Vamosi, Robert, "Buffer overloads: the big security hole," ZDNet News.
03-06-2002 - Shachtman, Noah, "He Hacks by Day, Squats by Night," Wired News.
03-01-2002 - Marshall, Gary, "Hacker Smackdown," .net magazine.
02-19-2002 - Lemos, Robert, "Long haul ahead for social hackers," ZDNet.
02-18-2002 - Middleton, James, "Peekabooty comes out of hiding,"
01-30-2002 - Shachtman, Noah, "Rail Against Econ Forum, Dot-Org," Wired News.
01-29-2002 - Fisher, Dennis, "Getting a Peek at Peekabooty," eWeek.


08-27-2001 - Anna, Cara, "Log in, sound off," Austin American-Statesman.
08-12-2001 - Graham-Rowe, Duncan, "Access granted," New Scientist, Issue 2251.
08-06-2001 - Beith, Malcolm and Rob Walker, "Cyberscope," Newsweek International,
                    Issue 2251.
08-01-2001 - Compton, Jason, "IM and E-mail--The New Trojan Horses," CRM Magazine,
                    Issue 26.
07-31-2001 - Doctorow, Cory, "TechTV coverage -- with video!," BoingBoing.
07-17-2001 - Lemos, Robert, "Time to hack for human rights," ZDNet Australia.
07-16-2001 - Costello, Sam, "Hacking for a Better World," PC World.
07-16-2001 - McCullagh, Declan, "Defcon Keeps Hackers Hooked," Wired News.
06-01-2001 - "Cult of the Dead Cow's Peekabooty browser," Database and Network
05-18-2001 - Greene, Thomas C., "Censorware outfit targets cDc's anonymity app
," The Register.
05-14-2001 - Millar, Stuart, "Hackers' plan to dodge netwatchers," The Guardian.
05-07-2001 - Frauenfelder, Mark, "Cult of the Dead Cow's 'Peekabooty'
                    browser project...
," BoingBoing.
05-06-2001 - "'No limits' browser planned," BBC News.
04-29-2001 - Middleton, James, "Hackers launch anti-censorship browser,"
04-25-2001 - Edwards, Mark Joseph, "SMBRelay: Another Good Reason to Protect Your
                    Internal Network
," Windows IT Pro.
04-19-2001 - Greene, Thomas C., "Exploit devastates WinNT/2K security,"
                    The Register.


12-19-2000 - "New Software Blocks The Blockers ,"
11-20-2000 - Kirby, Carrie, "Hacking With a Conscience Is a New Trend," San Francisco
10-13-2000 - "Hackers attack censorship with software," ZDNet Australia.
10-02-2000 - Greenfeld, Karl Taro, "Meet the Napster," Time (cover story).
08-25-2000 - Raikow, David, "Why hacking is healthy," ZDNet Asia.
08-03-2000 - Bedell, Doug, "Las Vegas-Area Hacker Conference Brings Together
                    Anarchists, Moralists
," Dallas Morning News.
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