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cDc members and their work have graced the pages of the world's finest publications (and some pretty crappy ones, too). Some of them even get it right. Other mentions of us are borderline (or outright) libelous. That's what we get for being so cool.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, nor is it intended as an endorsement of any of these programs/films/filmmakers/networks/studios.

"In an age in which the media broadcast countless pieces of foolishness, the educated man is defined not by what he knows, but by what he doesn't know." – Nicolas Gomez Davila


05-07-2017 - Babbitt, Jamie (dir.), "Intellectual Property", Silicon Valley, HBO.
08-01-2013 - Scott, Jason (dir.), DEFCON: The Documentary.
10-19-2012 - Knappenberger, Brian (dir.), We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists.
08-10-2010 - Biaiñ, Juan Manuel (dir.), Article 12: Waking Up in a Surveillance Society.
06-09-2008 - "Spammers target social networking sites," KGO San Francisco.
03-17-2008 - "Interview on Botnets," KOMO Seattle.
12-30-2007 - "4:20 Drug War News," Drug Truth Network, KPFT Houston.
11-01-2007 - Conway, James L. (dir.), "Lara," Smallville, The CW.
05-11-2007 - "Cultures sécuritaires," Radio France.
11-28-2006 - "Choreographed," Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC.
08-08-2006 - Jardin, Xeni, "Hacking the Himalayas," NPR.
                    (series; click for individual stories)
07-26-2006 - Gordon, Jon, "IM for dissidents," Future Tense, American Public Media.
05-21-2005 - Scott, Jason (dir.), BBS: The Documentary.
12-26-2003 - Ray, Billy (dir.), Shattered Glass.
07-15-2002 - Neary, Lynn and Robert Siegel, "Profile: Hackers On Planet Earth assemble
                    for their biannual convention
" All Things Considered, NPR.
09-22-2001 - Goldstein, Emmanuel (dir.), Freedom Downtime.
02-13-2001 - "Hackers" Frontline, PBS.
12-21-2000 - "Cybercops", Equinox, BBC.
07-03-2000 - "Cyber-Attack!" Panorama, BBC.
02-08-2000 - Backer, Joshua (dir.), Disinformation.
10-13-1999 - "I'm a Hacker," True Life, MTV.
10-03-1999 - "Online Banking Risks," Dateline NBC, NBC.
04-25-1997 - "The Weird Web," Internet Café, PBS.
04-13-1997 - "The Web," C-NET.
03-14-1997 - "Hacker Heroes," New England Cable News Network.
11-01-1996 - Strange Universe, syndicated.
10-27-1996 - "Hacking for Dummies", Futureworld, CNN.
10-22-1996 - "The Dark Side of the Web," Internet Café, PBS.
10-02-1996 - "Hackers," Internet Café, PBS.
08-11-1996 - "Internet Terrorism and the First Amendment," C-NET.
03-02-1996 - Web Whirl, Discovery Channel.
10-28-1995 - "Halloween Web Sites," Computer Chronicles, CNN.
10-06-1995 - Forbidden Places, syndicated.
10-00-1995 - L0pht segment, C-NET Central, Sci-Fi Channel.
09-15-1995 - Softley, Ian (dir.), Hackers.
08-00-1995 - "HOPE Conference," CBC Radio.
11-05-1994 - Cybermania '94: Ultimate Gamers Awards, TBS.
09-01-1994 - "Dial In for Mayhem," Dateline NBC, NBC.
08-17-1994 - "Computer Vice," Geraldo, syndicated.
00-00-1994 - Savage, Annaliza (dir.), Unauthorized Access.
09-00-1992 - "Kids and Technology," KPFA Berkeley (re-broadcast by NPR).
08-13-1985 - West 57th, CBS.


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