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"PEEKABOOTY UPDATE" by Oxblood Ruffin

Oxblood Ruffin sez:

LUBBOCK, TX, February 7 -- The CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) would like to clarify a few matters in relation to Peekabooty, an anti-censorship software application currently under development.

Peekabooty was originally the brainchild of the Hacktivismo group, an international cadre of hackers founded by the cDc's Oxblood Ruffin. Hacktivismo's mandate was and is to develop technology in the service of human rights. Peekabooty was its first project; others are in various stages of planning and development.

The CULT OF THE DEAD COW has supported this work from its conception, because we view censorship of the Internet as a cancer that must be excised. However, it should be noted that the cDc membership have not been contributing code or driving the development schedule for Peekabooty. This project was entirely the concern of Hacktivismo group.

Two years ago, Bronc Buster and Mr. Pink wrote the proto-code for the current iteration of Peekabooty. Paul Baranowski (who until recently used the handle "Drunken Master") later became its chief architect and took charge of the Peekabooty programming effort. Some months ago, Paul chose to dedicate himself full-time to refactoring the codebase and finish implementing the remaining functionality.

Paul has recently decided to sever ties with the Hacktivismo group but he will continue to develop the Peekabooty app. Occasionally developers can't find the environment they need to do their best work and now is one such time.

Paul will be leaving Hacktivismo and taking on full responsibility for his work and all future development of his software. So from now on, Paul is directing all aspects of the Peekabooty project. It is no longer a Hacktivismo production. The Hacktivismo group will shift its main focus back to other projects in the pipeline.

We continue to wish Paul the best of luck. We believe that Peekabooty will prove itself to be a liberating force on the Net. Although Hacktivismo has severed formal ties with the project, some members intend to informally contribute their testing skills, etc. to the ongoing effort.

Paul will be presenting a recent snapshot at CodeCon, February 15 - 17, in San Francisco. Go check it out. But please be aware that this is not a launch; Peekabooty is still a work in progress.


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