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cDc's newest app, the Praying Terminal

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Myles Long sez:
Check it out: Automated Prayer Project.

That's right, it's a terminal that prays. Specifically, it cycles through the Rosary:

"The praying terminal is simply a VT420 connected to a Sun Ultra5 via a serial cable which displays the output of a continuously running program. The signaling rate is limited to 9600 baud. The program itself cycles through the Rosary, displaying a new individual prayer once every thirty seconds. Each individual prayer is then sent out via UDP to a random machine on the Internet on a random port."

Why? This fine app is designed to help discover the secrets of the universe. Javaman sez, "For a long time I have been interested in the intersection between science and religion, or more precisely, the interplay between faith and logic...This project is a small, feeble attempt at examining one aspect of the situation. The goal, if there was such a thing, was to see the effect watching a computer emulate the religion I was raised in had upon me. After completing the development of the code and setting up the terminal, several uncompleted thoughts came to mind, each a component for rumination/reverberation for my time."


Very interesting project. Just seems a little strange that the prayers are written in english though. If I understand correctly the point was to see if computers would respond to injection of scripture. If the bible was truly "divine" it would also be injected into our realm by god and doing the same in the realm of the network could have some interesting consequences. The difference seems to be that these prayers are written in english, not a language directly understandable by any machine.

One take on it would be routers. Routers have to have some sense of the concept of infinity (such as in the count-to-infinity problem) to route around dead paths. Any router has a certain conviction of how it's world (the network) works and how it should "route". Religion could be a belief injected into a network of routers. For example, the idea that one path in the network is always best. All traffic would pass through this node to some extent, even though this is ofcourse wrong. But for some reason these convictions could rise and perpetuate itself if the cause of these convictions are tampered control messages for other routers from a particular source, a broken router perhaps.
Now they see this router as the holder of the righteous path. *boom* you have yourself a full blown network-messiah, a cisco jesus, a juniper mohammed.
Add to this the seemingly psychotic/schizophrenic characteristics of actual prophets (people who go through psychotic episodes often claim to be able to talk to god, or are the son of god, or something of that nature, when in fact this could be put down as nothing but a (temporary) malfuction).

Um, that is "God", not "god". Thank you.

Here is something that also 9600!

"'Experience the all-new penthouse online (TM)'
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...Plus, we've arranged with a major modem manufacture, USRobotics, to provide a deluxe, 9600 bps data/fax modem, with custom Penthouse Key insignia, for under $300."

thanks, agent, for not contributing anything. though, actually, "God" vs. "god" would be an interesting discussion...

I'm enjoying this program a lot, but either deliberately or because of a mistake on my part, the program randomly closes itself at some point during the rosary, never more than 30 seconds in. I'd like to get it looping the rosary into infinity - is there a way to do that? I can't code worth shit.

Just doing my "job".

Nice work guys ... yea it would be good if u guys have forum

Perhaps this could become the root of some sort of 'distributed salvation network' application; like SETI@home, only for penance. A perfect way to pay for sins past, present and future, both individually and in groups.

Hell, I'd contribute a few zillion spare cycles to churn through the rosary more times than Grandma ever.

Do you mind cleaning me when your done?

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