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Denial of Service Tax

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Krass Katt sez:
CULT OF THE DEAD COW hereby orders the Congress of the United States to get off its collective arse and do something for the people of China, and other nations subjected to national firewall policies.

Hereafter, all American IT firms that do business with state-sponsored censors will have to pay a "denial of service tax". This tax will be payable to [we haven't quite figured this part out yet] for profiting from the decline of free speech on the Internet.

Lucky it's just a tax. We're sure that if you could bring back the heroes who died for protecting democratic values, they'd rather bust a cap in The Valley's ass than take a few bucks penalty payment. These IT pricks are embarrassing.

Thanks, America. Please get on the stick.


Nice to see SOMEONE'S trying to do something about this...but the question is, what exactly are you trying to do about this? Just posting something here isn't gonna help any!

The FreeNet is, but watch out, there are some "bad" apples on there.

Assuming my post will be here long enough for you to read this.

here here! 'bout time someone proposed this, and it IS truely a Denial of Service, more so than any DDOS one person could pull off...only problem is that the Corporations would just pass this tax onto the public

although most assuredly, Ben Franklin, et all, would be blastin' caps left and right, then puff on the most righteous and fattest doobie of all time and go fly a kite

Bunker Mole

I think Ben Franklin would go to France, get some troops, and tell the "Royality" to fuck off, and make the "West" the "West". Then he would play nude checks in the bath tub with two women.

As far as the kite goes, I hear that is a hoax.

What about posting IOS sourcecode someplace if they don't listen? That'd be a hoot.

agent: i liked freenet better when it was called peekabooty. oh snap!

Oh snap! I already knew about peek-a-booty.org.

I also liked getting "Free" movies before the "dis-info" started. You know, where someone "rips" a DVD of the pr0n, and then gives it a Disney title.

What do you think about TOR?

It has to be good, because the NAVY helped make it.

TOR is awesome. That is all.

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