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new cDc app for the sysadmin in YOU!

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Myles Long sez:
We've just released a handy li'l utility by Flack (of the NSF) called "batch-0-matic".  It's rad, check it out.  It's for system administrators and the like; basically, anyone who needs to run batch files on multiple Windows servers.  I don't want to hear anything about Windows being inferior to Linux for servers or any of that; it's not really the point here...this app is for people slagging away for the Man maintaining/administrating Windows servers.

batch-0-matic (b0m) is a utility which allows users to input a list of variables into a batch file, giving users the ability to run the same batch file multiple times, replacing a variable each time. b0m is an invaluable tool for network administrators and is far more useful than it may at first glance, especially when used in conjunction with other command line utilities. For example b0m could add hundreds of users into a network group, stop a service across hundreds of servers in seconds, or run executables on multiple machines simultaneously, all with just a few clicks. The program is only limited by what users can perform from a simple Windows CLI.

Good stuff right thar.  Here's a screenshot, check it out:


Where can you download this gem-among-apps?  Right here.  You can also read the more-technical details here.

Seriously, this app rocks.  Practical uses aplenty!  I'm sure you enterprising young gents-n-gals can think of many uses for a utility like this; get to it, report back.



don't want to sound cynical here but, ever heard of perl?

Ever heard of SHUT THE FUCK UP?

"Bom" means "fuck you" in Polish.

So I hear.

"Ever heard of SHUT THE FUCK UP?"

Oh, I'm sorry. Was perl supposed to remain a secret? My bad.

You could've also said "perl would hinder ease of distribution" or "I like a friendly GUI in my day to day work". All very valid reasons.

Sorry for the snide remark but I suppose I was simply expecting a little more from this entry. "GO OUT INTO THE WORLD AND DO MAGICAL THINGS WITH THIS WONDROUS CREATION" and then it turns out its some tepid VB app that does little more than the very basic actions any shell scripting language was designed for or could do in less than 10 lines. This includes WSH which is provided with practically any windows installation.

Everybody makes mistakes but don't front that "STFU" bs when you get called on it.

It seems that that message was not actually posted by Flack, who has been out of town for the past several days. Weird.

For reasons unknown, Flack is currently unable to post comments here, hrm.

He sent his reply to me, and here it is.

"Hey Powerpork, just for the record that wasn't me who typed that response -- anyone can type anyone's name in here. I agree with you that Perl is a powerful scripting language and you can do a lot of things with it. However, many people (such as myself) work in environments where we are not allowed to just install any program we want on our workstations at work and have to make do with what we have. I think b0m is pretty useful, especially for people who deal with Windows networks and already use a lot of command line utilities. b0m is intended for people who need to touch a lot of machines with as little learning curve as possible, and (of course) not to replace entire programming languages. It's jes a tool, that's all.

The whole point of cDc is to share information, which is the opposite of shutting the fuck up."

Yeah, he sent me one too. Cleared everything right up. No harm done.

Well...Linux > everything. But that isnt the point.

You guys are brilliant, and you put meaning into the internet, what little integrity it has left, is on the shoulders of the cult of the dead cow.

like the slaughtered cow.

I like the program. rather easy to understand and it makes the process faster and more pleasant. Thanks.

This is a lame way to use the application, I suppose, but this could make for a quick DoS-er, maybe? I think DoS attacks suck, but this could be, you know, handy dandy for that...

I love this shit...I'm trying to get the company to use this tool. Hopefully they are smart enough to realize a good thing when they see it.

Kill for allah Kill for jesus.

I think that this is a great program for those of us who have not had the time to learn Perl. And yes I think there are a million different destructive scripts you could use to barrage an array of computers, but why be so juvenile?

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