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cDc members and their work have graced the pages of the world's finest publications (and some pretty crappy ones, too). Some of them even get it right. Other mentions of us are borderline (or outright) libelous. That's what we get for being so cool.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, nor is it intended as an endorsement of any of these publications.

For books with multiple editions/formats, the first known edition mentioning cDc is listed.

"Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it." – P.J. O'Rourke


09-01-2009 - Dakan, Rick, Geek Mafia: Black Hat Blues, PM Press.
08-24-2009 - Krutz, Ronald and Alexander J. Fry, The CSSLP Prep Guide: Mastering the
                    Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional
, Wiley.
06-06-2009 - Invite: Webster's Timeline History, 1975 - 2004, ICON Group
06-06-2009 - Successors: Webster's Timeline History, 1907 - 2003, ICON Group
05-05-2009 - Youth - Webster's Specialty Crossword Puzzles, Volume 2: The Enthusiast's
, ICON Group International.
05-01-2009 - Encryptions: Webster's Facts and Phrases, ICON Group International.
05-01-2009 - Groupers: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases, ICON Group
05-01-2009 - Las: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases, ICON Group
03-31-2009 - Hayden, Patrick and Chamsy El-Ojeili (eds.), Globalization and Utopia:
                    Critical Essays
, Palgrave Macmillan.
03-30-2009 - Turban, Efraim and Linda Volonino, Information Technology for
                    Management: Improving Performance in the Digital Economy
, Wiley.
03-20-2009 - Gregg, Michael, CISSP Exam Cram, 2nd Edition, Que.
03-16-2009 - Wang, Jie, Computer Network Security: Theory and Practice, Springer.
03-09-2009 - Whitaker, Andrew, et. al, Chained Exploits: Advanced Hacking Attacks
                    from Start to Finish
, Palgrave Macmillan.
03-04-2009 - Maier, Ronald, et. al, Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures, Springer.
02-17-2009 - Jmaeff, Kris, Busy Parents: Protect Your Family On The Internet,
02-13-2009 - Ludwig, Mark, The Little Black Book Of Email Viruses: How To Protect
                    Yourself From Internet-Based Attack
, CreateSpace.
01-31-2009 - Bocij, Paul, et. al, Business Information Systems: Technology,
                    Development and Management
, FT Press.
01-09-2009 - FitzGerald, Jerry and Alan Dennis, Business Data Communications and
, Wiley.
01-01-2009 - Lyon, Gordon "Fyodor," et. al, Nmap Network Scanning: The Official Nmap
                    Project Guide to Network Discovery and Security Scanning
, Nmap Project.
12-11-2008 - Chiesa, Raoul, et. al, Profiling Hackers: The Science of Criminal Profiling
                    as Applied to the World of Hacking
, Auerbach Publications.
07-21-2008 - Goldstein, Emmanuel (ed.), The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey, Wiley.
06-28-2008 - Calder, Alan and Steve Watkins, It Governance: A Manager's Guide to
                    Data Security and ISO 27001 / ISO 27002
, Kogan Page.
06-16-2008 - Shinder, Deborah Littlejohn and Michael Cross, Scene of the Cybercrime,
                    2nd edition, Syngress.
05-27-2008 - Himma, Kenneth E. and Herman T. Tavani (eds.), The Handbook of
                    Information and Computer Ethics
, Wiley-Interscience.
04-28-2008 - Gregg, Michael, Build Your Own Security Lab: A Field Guide for Network
, Wiley.
02-20-2008 - Coyer, Kate, et. al, Alternative Media Handbook, Routledge.
12-21-2007 - Wilson, Andrew R. and Mark L. Perry, War, Virtual War and Society:
                    The Challenge to Communities
, Rodopi.
12-03-2007 - Dodds, Klaus, Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University
10-22-2007 - Krutz, Ronald L. and Russell Dean Vines, The CEH Prep Guide:
                    The Comprehensive Guide to Certified Ethical Hacking
, John Wiley
                    & Sons.
07-24-2007 - Ellis, Warren, Crooked Little Vein, William Morrow.
05-31-2007 - Dinlocker, R.E., Maiden Shanghai, AuthorHouse.
05-01-2007 - Farren, Mick and John Gibb, Who's Watching You?: The Chilling Truth
                    about the State, Surveillance, and Personal Freedom
, The Disinformation
04-30-2007 - Marcinko, David Edward and Hope Rachel Hetico (editors), Dictionary of
                    Health Information Technology and Security
, Syngress.
04-24-2007 - Carvey, Harlan and Dave Kleiman, Windows Forensic Analysis
                    Including DVD Toolkit
, Syngress.
04-22-2007 - Chaffey, Dave, E-Business and E-Commerce Management
                    Including DVD Toolkit
, Prentice Hall.
02-26-2007 - Sheetz, Michael, Computer Forensics: An Essential Guide for Accountants,
                    Lawyers, and Managers
, John Wiley & Sons.
02-14-2007 - Street, John, Mass Media, Politics and Democracy, Second Edition,
                    Palgrave Macmillan.
11-14-2006 - Tipton, Harold F. and Kevin Henry (editors), Official (ISC)2 Guide to the
                    CISSP CBK
, Auerbach.
10-30-2006 - Fischer, Herve, Digital Shock: Confronting the New Reality, McGill-Queen's
                    University Press.
10-30-2006 - Syngress Force 2006 Emerging Threat Analysis: From Mischief to
, Syngress.
10-30-2006 - Hacking for Dummies, For Dummies.
09-06-2006 - Karatzogianni, Athina, The Politics of Cyberconflict: Security,
                    Ethnoreligious and Sociopolitical Conflicts
, Routledge.
09-05-2006 - Schell, Bernadette and Clemens Martin, Webster's New World Hacker
, Webster's New World.
08-31-2006 - Calder, Alan and Steve Watkins, International IT Governance:
                    An Executive Guide to ISO 17799/ISO 27001
, Kogan Page.
08-30-2006 - Kirshner, Jonathan, Globalization and National Security, Routledge.
06-06-2006 - Morgan, K., et. al (eds.), The Internet Society II: Advances in Education,
                    Commerce & Governance
, WIT Press.
05-30-2006 - Vacca, John R., Guide to Wireless Network Security, Springer.
05-08-2006 - Pastore, Mike and Emmett Dulaney, CompTIA Security+ Study Guide:
                    Exam SY0-101
, Sybex.
03-29-2006 - Damm, Jens and Simona Thomas, Chinese Cyberspaces Technological
                    Changes and Political Effects
, Routledge.
03-27-2006 - Haggerty, Kevin D. and Richard V. Ericson, The New Politics of
                    Surveillance and Visibility
, University of Toronto Press.
02-28-2006 - McIlwraith, Angus, Information Security And Employee Behaviour, Gower
                    Publishing Company.
02-20-2006 - Bunting, Steve and William Wei, The Official EnCE: EnCase Certified
                    Examiner Study Guide
, Sybex.
02-08-2006 - Chadwick, Andrew, Internet Politics: States, Citizens, and New
                    Communication Technologies
, Oxford University Press.
01-12-2006 - von Busch, Otto and Karl Palmås, Abstract Hacktivism: The making of a
                    hacker culture
, John Wiley & Sons.
11-07-2005 - Randall, Neil, PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions, John Wiley & Sons.
09-09-2005 - Stewart, James Michael, Ed Tittel, and Mike Chapple, CISSP Study Guide,
                    3rd edition, Sybex.
09-01-2005 - Durham, M.G. and D. Kellner (editors), Media and Cultural Studies,
                    2nd edition, Blackwell Publishing Limited.
08-08-2005 - Allen, Robbie and Preston Gralla, Windows XP Cookbook, O'Reilly Media.
08-01-2005 - Calder, Alan and Steve Watkins, IT Governance: A Manager's Guide to
                    Data Security and BS 7799/ISO 17799
, Kogan Page.
07-31-2005 - Gelbstein, Eduardo and Ahmad Kamal, Information Insecurity,
                    United Nations.
05-14-2005 - Atton, Chris, An Alternative Internet, Edinburgh University Press.
05-06-2005 - Lininger, Rachael and Russell Dean Vines, Phishing: Cutting the Identity
                    Theft Line
, Wiley.
04-25-2005 - Barrett, Diane, Computer Networking Illuminated, Jones and Bartlett
                    Publishers, Inc.
03-15-2005 - Jones, Andy and Debi Ashenden, Risk Management for Computer Security,
03-03-2005 - Atton, Chris, An Alternative Internet, Columbia University Press.
02-03-2005 - Cavalier, Robert J., The Impact Of The Internet On Our Moral Lives,
                    State University of New York Press.
01-01-2005 - Wells, Joseph T., Encyclopedia of Fraud, 2005 Edition, Obsidian Publishing
12-30-2004 - Klang, Mathias, Human Rights in the Digital Age, Routledge Cavendish.
10-30-2004 - Caloyannides, Michael A., Privacy Protection and Computer Forensics,
                    Second Edition, Artech House Publishers.
10-15-2004 - McCullough, Jack, Caution! Wireless Networking: Preventing a Data
, John Wiley & Sons.
10-01-2004 - Duntemann, Jeff, Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses, Paraglyph.
09-01-2004 - Leistyna, Pepi, Cultural Studies: From Theory to Action,
                    Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
08-27-2004 - Gregory, Peter H., Computer Viruses For Dummies, For Dummies.
08-03-2004 - Pastore, Mike and Emmett Dulaney, Security+ Study Guide, Second Edition,
08-03-2004 - Shane, Peter M., Democracy Online: The Prospects for Political Renewal
                    Through the Internet
, Routledge.
07-21-2004 - Lam, Kevin, David LeBlanc, and Ben Smith, Assessing Network Security,
                    Microsoft Press.
07-21-2004 - Jordan, Tim, Hactivism and Cyberwars, Routledge.
07-14-2004 - Shein, Rob, David Litchfield, and Marcus Sachs, Zero Day Exploit:
                    Countdown to Darkness
, Syngress.
07-09-2004 - Scott, Charlie, Paul Wolfe, and Bert Hayes, Snort for Dummies,
                    For Dummies.
06-12-2004 - Groucutt, Jonathan and Paul Griseri Mastering E-Business,
                    Palgrave Macmillan.
05-31-2004 - Beale, Jay, Snort 2.1 Intrusion Detection, Second Edition, Syngress.
05-31-2004 - Conway, Richard and Julian Cordingley, Code Hacking: A Developer's Guide
                    To Network Security
, Charles River Media.
05-25-2004 - Evans, Jon, Dark Places, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.
05-15-2004 - Kick, Russ, The Disinformation Book Of Lists, Disinformation Company.
05-07-2004 - McCullough, Jack, 185 Wireless Secrets, John Wiley & Sons.
04-30-2004 - Gutmann, Ethan, Losing the New China: A Story of American Commerce,
                    Desire and Betrayal
, Encounter Books.
04-01-2004 - Galloway, Alexander R., Protocol: How Control Exists after
, The MIT Press.
03-30-2004 - Bocij, Paul, Cyberstalking: Harassment in the Internet Age and How to
                    Protect Your Family
, Praeger Publishers.
03-05-2004 - De Clercq, Jan, Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructures: Core
                    Security Features
, Digital Press.
03-01-2004 - Andrés, Steven and Brian Kenyon, Privacy Enhancing Technologies,
02-23-2004 - Rittinghouse, John and James F. Ransome, Wireless Operational Security,
                    Digital Press.
02-12-2004 - Dingledine, Roger (editor), Security Sage's Guide to Hardening the Network
, Digital Press.
12-30-2003 - Tipton, Harold F. and Micki Krause (editors), Information Security
                    Management Handbook
, Second Edition, Auerbach.
12-25-2003 - Shema, Mike and Bradley C. Johnson, Anti-Hacker Tool Kit,
                    Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
12-19-2003 - Whittaker, Jason, The Cyberspace Handbook, Routledge.
12-18-2003 - Andress, Amanda, Surviving Security: How to Integrate People, Process,
                    and Technology
, Second Edition, Auerbach.
12-15-2003 - Hansche, Susan, John Berti, and Chris Hare, Official (ISC)2 Guide to the
                    CISSP Exam
, Auerbach.
12-11-2003 - Goodwin-Gill, Guy S. and Stefan Talmon (editors), The Reality of
                    International Law: Essays in Honour of Ian Brownlie
, Oxford University
                    Press USA.
11-24-2003 - Young, Susan and Dave Aitel, The Hacker's Handbook, Auerbach.
11-17-2003 - Rhodes-Ousley, Mark, Roberta Bragg, and Keith Strassberg, Network
                    Security: The Complete Reference
, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
11-11-2003 - Maiwald, Eric, Invasion of Privacy! Big Brother and the Company Hackers,
                    Course Technology PTR.
11-07-2003 - Maiwald, Eric, Fundamentals of Network Security, McGraw-Hill
                    Osborne Media.
10-27-2003 - Kipper, Gregory, Investigator's Guide to Steganography, Auerbach.
09-28-2003 - Howitt, Arnold M. and Robyn L. Pangi (editors), Countering Terrorism,
                    McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
09-01-2003 - The Blackwell Companion to Criminology, Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
08-07-2003 - Rittinghouse, John and William M. Hancock, Cybersecurity Operations
, Digital Press.
07-25-2003 - Horton, Michael and Clinton Mugge, HackNotes Network Security Portable
, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
07-21-2003 - Campbell, Paul, Ben Calvert, and Steven Boswell, Security+ In Depth,
                    Course Technology PTR.
07-16-2003 - Tulloch, Mitch, Microsoft Encyclopedia of Security, Microsoft Press.
06-27-2003 - Komar, Brian, Ronald Beekelaar, and Joern Wettern, Firewalls for
, Second Edition, For Dummies.
06-27-2003 - White, Gregory, Security+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide,
                    McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
06-17-2003 - Harris, Shon, CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill
                    Osborne Media.
06-02-2003 - McNamara, Joel, Secrets of Computer Espionage: Tactics and
, Butterworth-Heinemann.
05-31-2003 - Hunter, Laura E., Athar A. Khan, and Robert J. Shimonski, Building DMZs
                    for Enterprise Networks
, Syngress.
05-28-2003 - Maiwald, Eric, Network Security: A Beginner's Guide, Second Edition,
                    McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
05-02-2003 - Tassabehji, Rana, Applying E-Commerce in Business, Sage Publications.
04-08-2003 - Menn, Joseph, All the Rave: The Rise and Fall of Shawn Fanning's Napster,
                    Crown Business.
03-18-2003 - Berkowitz, Bruce D., The New Face of War: How War Will Be Fought in the
                    21st Century
, Free Press.
02-28-2003 - Schmied, Will and Thomas W. Shinder, MCSE/MCSA Implementing and
                    Administering Security in a Windows 2000 Network: Study Guide and DVD
                    Training System
, Syngress.
02-28-2003 - Hunter, Laura E., Athar A. Khan, and Robert J. Shimonski, Configuring
                    Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition
, Syngress.
02-21-2003 - McCaughey, M., Cyberactivism: Online Activism in Theory and Practice,
02-04-2003 - Brooks, Larry, Serpent's Dance, Signet.
01-31-2003 - Posulns, Jeffrey, Robert J. Shimonski, and Jeremy Faircloth, SSCP Study
                    Guide and DVD Training System
, Syngress.
01-31-2003 - Mena, Jesus, Investigative Data Mining for Security and Criminal
, Butterworth-Heinemann.
01-30-2003 - Steinke, Steve, Network Tutorial, CMP Books.
01-15-2003 - Lapin, Lee, How To Get Anything on Anybody Book 3, Intelligence Here.
12-31-2002 - Shimonsky, Robert J. et al., Security+ Study Guide and DVD Training
, Syngress.
12-16-2002 - Deng, Robert et al. (editors), Information and Communications Security,
                    SAGE Publications.
12-10-2002 - Jones, Steve (editor), Encyclopedia of New Media: An Essential Reference
                    to Communication and Technology
, Springer.
12-09-2002 - Poole, Owen, Network Security: A Practical Guide,
12-04-2002 - Howard, Michael and David C. LeBlanc, Writing Secure Code, Second
                    Edition, Microsoft Press.
11-12-2002 - Abagnale, Frank W., The Art of the Steal, Broadway.
10-23-2002 - Deal, Richard, Cisco PIX Firewalls, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
10-11-2002 - Culp, Brian, Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A, John Wiley & Sons.
10-10-2002 - Rustad, Michael L. and Cyrus Daftary, E-Business Legal Handbook: 2003,
                    Aspen Law & Business.
09-19-2002 - Schweitzer, Douglas, Securing the Network from Malicious Code,
                    John Wiley & Sons.
09-03-2002 - Ridley, Matt and Alan Lightman, The Best American Science Writing 2002,
                    Harper Perennial.
08-29-2002 - Godeluck, Solveig, Géopolitique d'Internet, La Découverte.
08-25-2002 - Chase, Michael, You've Got Dissent! Chinese Dissident Use of the Internet
                    and Beijing's Counter-Strategies
, RAND Corporation.
08-15-2002 - Carter, Brian and Russell Shumway, Wireless Security End to End,
                    John Wiley & Sons.
07-31-2002 - Jewkes, Yvonne and Gayle Letherby (editors), Criminology: A Reader,
                    Sage Publications Ltd.
07-29-2002 - Jost, Marty (conductor), IIS Security, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
06-19-2002 - Jones, Andy, Gerald L. Kovacich, and Perry G. Luzwick, Global Information
, Auerbach.
06-15-2002 - Vacca, John, Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation,
                    Charles River Media.
06-02-2002 - Culp, Brian, Mike Meyers' MCSE Windows XP Professional Certification
, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
05-13-2002 - Caloyannides, Michael A., Desktop Witness: The Do's & Don'ts of Personal
                    Computer Security
, John Wiley & Sons.
04-30-2002 - Turvey, Brent E., Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral
                    Evidence Analysis
, 2nd Edition, Academic Press.
04-24-2002 - Tulloch, Mike and Ingrid Tulloch, Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking,
                    2nd Edition, Microsoft Press.
04-11-2002 - Bosworth, Seymour and Michel E. Kabay (editors), Computer Security
, 4th Edition, John Wiley & Sons.
03-19-2002 - Stefanek, George L., Information Security Best Practices: 205 Basic Rules,
01-31-2002 - Hick, Steven, Edward F. Halpin, and Eric Hoskins, Human Rights and the
, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
01-14-2002 - Verton, Dan, The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers,
                    Palgrave Macmillan.
01-01-2002 - Schwartau, Winn, Pearl Harbor Dot Com, Interpact Press.
12-31-2001 - Caloyannides, Michael A., Computer Forensics and Privacy, Artech House
12-05-2001 - Prescott, Michael, Last Breath, Signet.
11-28-2001 - Middleton, Bruce, Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide, CRC Press.
11-20-2001 - Buruma, Ian, Bad Elements: Chinese Rebels from Los Angeles to Beijing,
                    Random House.
11-05-2001 - Arquilla, John and David Ronfeldt, Networks and Netwars,
                    RAND Corporation.
11-01-2001 - Wall, David, Crime and the Internet, Routledge.
10-30-2001 - Purba, Sanjiv (editor), Architectures for E-Business Systems: Building the
                    Foundation for Tomorrow's Success
, Auerbach.
10-15-2001 - Mandy Andress, Phil Cox, Ed Tittel (editors), CIW Security Professional
                    Certification Bible
, John Wiley & Sons.
10-12-2001 - Dowding, Keith, John Hughes, and Helen Margetts (editors), Challenges To
                    Democracy: Ideas, Involvement and Institutions
, Palgrave Macmillan.
10-10-2001 - Chappell, Laura A. and Ed Tittel, Guide to TCP/IP, Course Technology.
10-02-2001 - Blyth, Andrew and Gerald L. Kovacich, Information Assurance: Surviving
                    the Information Environment
, Springer.
09-25-2001 - Holmes, Douglas, eGov: E-Business Strategies for Government,
                    Nicholas Brealey Publishing.
09-01-2001 - Moorhead, Finola, Darkness More Visible, Spinifex Press.
06-26-2001 - Marchette, David J., Computer Intrusion Detection and Network
                    Monitoring: A Statistical Viewpoint
, Springer.
04-18-2001 - Hyatt, Michael, Invasion of Privacy: How to Protect Yourself in the Digital
, Regnery Publishing, Inc.
04-16-2001 - Rattray, George J., Strategic Warfare in Cyberspace, The MIT Press.
04-01-2001 - Schwartau, Winn and D. L. Busch, Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids,
                    Interpact Press.
03-30-2001 - Schwartau, Winn, Cybershock, Thunder's Mouth Press.
03-28-2001 - Danda, Matthew, Protect Yourself Online, Microsoft Press.
03-01-2001 - Balladelli, Micky and Jan De Clercq, Mission-Critical Active Directory,
                    Digital Press.
01-29-2001 - Cooper, Mark et al., Intrusion Signatures and Analysis, Sams.
12-05-2000 - Penenberg, Adam L. and Marc Berry, Spooked: Espionage in Corporate
, Perseus Books Group.
11-09-2000 - Gauntlett, David (editor), Web.Studies: Rewiring Media Studies for the
                    Digital Age
, Hodder Arnold.
10-10-2000 - Rushkoff, Douglas, Coercion: Why We Listen to What "They" Say,
                    Riverhead Trade.
10-01-2000 - Dr. K, The Complete Hacker's Handbook, Carlton Books.
09-30-2000 - Boni, William C. and Gerald L. Kovacich, Netspionage: The Global Threats
                    to Information
, Butterworth-Heinemann.
09-22-2000 - Mansfield, Richard, Hacker Attack, Sybex Inc.
08-31-2000 - Network Administrator's Security Resource Guide, TechRepublic.
08-14-2000 - Schneier, Bruce, Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World,
                    John Wiley & Sons.
07-31-2000 - Zaenglein, Norbert, Secret Software, Paladin Press.
05-31-2000 - Pipkin, Donald L., Information Security: Protecting the Global Enterprise,
                    PTR Prentice Hall.
04-30-2000 - Bandel, David A., Linux Security Toolkit, M&T Books.
02-18-2000 - Desmond, Michael et al., Windows 2000 Professional Bible,
                    John Wiley & Sons.
02-02-2000 - Sonnenreich, Wes and Tom Yates, Building Linux and Openbsd Firewalls,
                    John Wiley & Sons.
01-15-2000 - Wang, Wallace, Steal This Computer Book 2: What They Won't Tell You
                    About the Internet
, No Starch Press.
01-15-2000 - Klein, Naomi, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, Picador.
09-10-1999 - McClure, Stuart, Joel Scambray, and George Kurtz, Hacking Exposed,
                    McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.
08-31-1999 - Garbage, Greta, That's Disgusting Too: The 200 Most Disgusting Sites on
                    the Internet
, Ten Speed Press.
07-01-1999 - Tiwana, Amrit, Web Security, Digital Press.
02-28-1999 - Gauntlett, Andrew, Net Spies, North Atlantic Books.
03-31-1998 - Merkle, Robert, Ultimate Internet Terrorist, Paladin Press.
06-01-1997 - Hahn, Harley, Internet Yellow Pages, Mcgraw-Hill Osborne Media.
02-28-1996 - Wallace, Jonathan and Mark Mangan, Sex, Laws, and Cyberspace,
                    Henry Holt & Co.
11-01-1995 - Sinclair, Carla, Gareth Branwyn, and Mark Frauenfelder, The Happy Mutant
, Riverhead Trade.
02-28-1995 - Rose, Lance, Netlaw: Your Rights in the Online World,
                    McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media.
01-31-1995 - Slatalla, Michelle and Joshua Quittner, Masters of Deception: The Gang
                    That Ruled Cyberspace
, HarperCollins.
11-02-1993 - Braun, Eric, The Internet Directory: A Guide to Internet, Usenet, and
, Ballantine Books.
04-30-1993 - Quittner, Joshua and Michelle Slatalla, Mother's Day: A Novel of Suspense,
                    St. Martin's Press.
11-30-1992 - Rucker, Rudy, R. U. Sirius, and Queen Mu, Mondo 2000: A User's Guide to
                    the New Edge
, Perennial.
10-01-1992 - Sterling, Bruce, The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the
                    Electronic Frontier
, Bantam.


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